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"Our mission is to give consumers the ability to buy the home of their dreams. We believe that to achieve the American dream is the desire of every citizen and we will support their goal."

 Tom Rollins - President
 Joe Bass - Chief Financial Officer
 Renault Chime - Operations Manager
 Hardin Foss - Mortgage Consultant
 Lanson Blakely - Mortgage Consultant
 Tyron Matthews - Mortgage Consultant
 Support Staff: Connie Tenson, Gail Brickton, Delia Permond and Martha Wallerton



With an extensive background in the mortgage industry, Tom Rollins serves as the President of the Board of Directors for BBC Mortgage Bankers. He is directly responsible for lender relations while overseeing the management of the office.

Previously, he honed his skills managing multiple offices for ABC Mortgage and XYZ Mortgage. During his tenure, he originated loans, in addition to his management duties. Having worked as an executive sales consultant and as a regional branch manager, Tom developed and maintained relationships with lenders, builders and realtors. He has experience with internal training and developing business strategy.

He founded BBC Mortgage Bankers with the belief that more can be done to help the average consumer obtain the home of their dreams. He felt that the industry was addressing the needs primarily of those people who qualify under the strictest guidelines. His willingness to work with individuals in a wide range of circumstance has lead to BBC's success. All the management and staff are directed to find solutions for consumers who may have been turned away from other banks.

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In addition to serving on the Board of Directors, Joe is the Chief Financial Officer for BBC Mortgage Bankers. He has diverse training in management, administration and operations which give him unique insight into his role. Besides securing working capital and establishing credit lines, Joe is in charge of strategic planning.

Before joining BBC Mortgage Bankers, Joe built an impressive background assisting companies with management problems, including acting as logistics manager for the transition of a corporate headquarters across several states. With a BS in speech and a Masters in management, Joe is a vital part of BBC's continued growth.

His experience in meeting technical, administrative and financial challenges make him a great asset. When he steps in to assist clients with loan applications, processing or just answering questions, Joe gives everyone the finest possible care.

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With 15 years Mortgage Banking experience, Renault Chime has successfully learned many new systems and methods allowing her to confidently make decisions necessary for operations oversight. Consistently exceeding objectives in every position she has held, Renault's technical and management expertise ensures consumers a positive lending experience. She also has a warm and sincere manner, improving everyone's experience.

Her high level of efficiency and solid financial systems/processes knowledge; loan product guidelines (FNMA/FHLMC/FHA/VA), regulatory compliance, loan closing and processing (FNMA/FHLMC/FHA/VA), combined with a wide range of computer applications make her a valued member of the BBC Mortgage Bankers team.

Before joining BBC Mortgage Bankers in her management role, she served as processing manager for another local mortgage company. Previously, she spent several years in Arizona as an underwriter, and with Nationwide Loans serving in different capacities from administrative assistant, senior funder to regional funding supervisor. She brings diverse hands-on ability in both residential and commercial markets and BBC is proud to have her assisting our clients daily.

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Hardin Foss works with BBC as a mortgage consultant. His varied experience includes earning an MBA with undergraduate work in finance and economics. In business, Dennis established relationships with real estate investors, working with clients to provide long-term results for their financial positions.

He has worked as a preferred lender with a background in commercial, construction-to-permanent, FHA and VA lending. Having assisted many first time home buyers, Hardin has what BBC looks for in a reliable and helpful associate. His hard work and dedication to the industry has made him an enviable resource.

Previously, Hardin acted as a management consultant with over 100 clients nationwide. BBC looks forward to our future together and knows when you work with Hardin, you will be treated with the best possible care.

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With a desire to expand his analytical and communication skills, Lanson Blakely joined BBC Mortgage with an eye towards helping others. He worked in both the financial and retail service industries. Combining a background in accounting and responsibilities working for a large construction distribution company, he has honed his customer service skills.

Prior to coming to BBC, Lanson directly managed over 30 associates including a warehouse level accounting office; cash controls, bookkeeping, and internal auditing procedures. Other duties included achieving strong working relationships and optimal productivity from a diverse work culture. He trained associates to comply with all state and local Dept. of Agriculture, and Health Dept. laws and regulations.

In addition to his management skills, Lanson provided technical expertise for a local financial analysis company. Versed in computer database management, he exhibits a high level of proficiency for financial products, their benefits and restrictions. In his previous position he was required to comply with SEC and NASD standards.

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With a Bachelor of Science in Child Development, prior to joining BBC Mortgage, Tyron served as a teacher in an elementary school. He tailored programs for youth, prepared them for tests, consulted with parents and monitored performance. He was also the faculty advisor for the science enrichment program.

Tyron also worked for a financial recovery resource firm providing case management, and then as an admissions counselor for an educational facility. Proficient in various computer programs he obtained certification as a Cysco Systems Engineer in 2002.

Tyron represents the American dream that BBC Mortgage stands behind. We look for enthusiastic people who have a desire to help others achieve their dreams. Tyron is that kind of person. A big heart and a great attitude, Tyron exemplifies what we are all about. Call BBC today to find out what we can do for you!

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