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People are people. We all have our skills, talents and insight. The difference between good and excellent is usually a few more years of experience and the willingness to look at problems from a new direction. Non-linear thought.
There is rarely a solution which allows direct connection from point A to B any more. To navigate the circuitous route between production and product sales will require intuitive thought.
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Richard Rivette: RMG

 Marketing Director
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of Advertising, Websites
& Product Development

From brand creation and support to development of diverse marketing plans, Richard has helped many companies reach their potential for 25 years. His credits include securing the contracts in excess of $100 million in the environmental engineering field for international clients.

For service industry clients he has provided support materials for over one billion in contracts. For manufacturers in the U.S. he has secured over $1.8 billion in contracts. Another $800 million from sourcing in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau and Korea, to placement in the majors and on home shopping networks in North America and Europe, Richard has generated upwards of $10 million annually in sales for various product lines he helped design, brand and support. His work includes appliances, personal care, giftware and accessories.

His history of producing b2b sales in insurance, automotive and other industries adds depth to a growing portfolio. Richard has created innovative trade and industrial materials across a wide range of opportunities. Innovative ideas like a presentation to Coca-Cola helped secure an international cobranding agreement for a national manufacturer.

With recent overseas collaboration, Richard has opened new markets, solidified agreements between manufacturers, cooperatives and distributors, and even located financing for joint ventures.

For smaller companies Richard has taken startups to the majors by assisting with product review, marketing promotion, and final presentation to Walmart, Kmart, Eckerds and Target among others. He is currently involved in marketing products to the medical industry, incentive licensing and creating an original marketing paradigm on the internet for localized fundraising efforts.

With a solid writing and advertising background, Richard has also produced numerous screenplays, articles, reviews, trade show expositions and effective campaigns.

  Victor Carrabotta: RMG

 Creative Director

We know that awards can be impressive, Vic has garnered more national awards individually than most agencies can boast cumulatively. His focus has always been on producing results, although the praise is appreciated. We are especially proud of his groundbreaking work for Coca-Cola and AT&T Worldwide.

His decades of advertising credits include Y&R, Grey Advertising and McCann-Erickson, working on major accounts including household names like Palmolive, Advil, Jell-O and Kenner Toys.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, he produced many of the best known and loved TV commercials. Versed in both broadcast and print, he is also known as one of the fastest storyboard illustrators in the world. Vic is able to adapt his talent to your needs. His credits include a unique stylistic range from "Disney's 101 Dalmatians" to "Pirates of the Caribbean" starring Johnny Depp.

National and international accounts have used Vic's team to produce effective, powerful campaigns for over 40 years. He has direct representation in New York and LA for creating animatic support for the advertising industry. From food to hard goods and services, Vic has developed some of the most recognizable materials in advertising.

Vic has been described by colleagues as a "national treasure" for his well-known work with Stan Lee (creator of Spiderman). He was one of the studio's illustrators for various projects.

As a writer he has created screenplays and scripts for mainstream distribution. He has also been active in the game industry lending talents to various projects and is currently in negotiations for several projects.

All inquiries should be directed via email to: RMG