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Rivette Marketing Group employs a wide set of marketing tools to uncover the possibilities within your company. Sales are the direct result of company/customer interaction, not award winning advertising. Advertising for ads sake is a waste of money. ALL advertising agencies exist to sell contracts. They don't really care if you succeed.
Our success is directly attributable to the success of our clients. Once we obtain a client we rarely see them depart. Some of our relationships continue for a decade or two. True wealth building can be achieved as a result of brand building. If we provide the support you need to reevaluate your product, your sales effort and the tools you use to close the deals, we can state as we have for our many clients over the years, our specific ideas create tangible results.
Call Rivette Marketing Group to receive your first hour consultation at no charge. We need to understand your product and market, then we will review your efforts. Often, we find simple support and adjustments which will dramatically help you increase sales.
We don't really care if you think our work is pretty or clever or even relevant. CEOs and managers are usually the last people to recognize they are not thinking like their own customer. Consumers and potential will let you know if you are on target. And don't forget that all important step of measuring and evaluating. Without reflection you are still shooting in the dark. Let RMG get you where you want to be. Get off the treadmill and get on the right track.