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When do you increase a brand line? That is a harrowing question. Most companies cannot answer it alone. They lack the objectivity to understand or value what they already own much less the impact a line increase would cause.
Sometimes line extensions bring greater profit, others only greater expense. Some merge well and provide increase sales to the same market niche. Others are nothing but parasites which destroy the sales of already profitable products or lines in favor of ones that are less so. But since the company introduced them and the consumer has become aware of them, the firms end up tied to providing the product as desired - making less money in the transaction.
So how do you know what to do? Call RMG to find out. We can be honest about your possibilities. We might even run some tests to see if the line extension will have a positive or negative effect on sales and income. You can decide either way, but before you do, call us. Our specific ideas create tangible results.