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A package is a package is a package. And a brand is a brand. Tell that to Target. They have developed their store brand and in-house brands, partly by demanding that vendors conform to color specific looks and styles any given year. Target is trendy and goes for a more upscale client than the bottom of the barrel discount store.
So what does this mean for your firm? Anything you package and put in front of the consumer should be well planned and positioned to reach the higher end sale. If your product looks good enough, maybe you can motivate the sale of multiple units to the same consumer. Companies often think in term of getting something on a shelf, and never about what it will do once its there.
Most products are their own billboard and must act as such. If you call the marketing support professionals at Rivette Marketing Group, we can help you define your market, brand those product lines and get the consumer's attention, but better, MAKE the sale.
Packaging is NOT an afterthought but an extension of everything you've invested in the form of time, labor and love to build your company. Don't leave it to chance. Call RMG to assist you since our specific ideas create tangible results.