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Contact is the point where the sale is made. If your client or consumer customer cannot easily find out where you are or call you to obtain your product or service, then you have failed. Your phone number and/or address and contact data should be everywhere the customer sees you.
What's the difference between a successful air conditioning company and a lousy one? A two cent sticker. The good company sends out a technician to repair or clean your unit, and when they leave they make sure you are aware of the small gold circular oval sticker that has their emergency phone number and address on it.
They place it in a conspicuous spot on your equipment and remind you that it is there. The next time you need to call you don't look through the phone book to see the names of their competitors. You also don't fumble around with old cards or wonder who it was that gave you service in the past.
You go to your air conditioner and you call the phone number on the sticker. Your problem is solved and the company has established a long-term, loyal customer. Cost - about two cents.
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