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5.1.06 - ELECTION EVE SPECIAL UPDATE: Hopewell H.S. Student Republicans Rally Around Rep. Rhodes' Re-Election

4.26.06 - Ken Gjertsen (R) CMS School District 6 - Endorses Rep. Rhodes

4.25.06 - Representative Trudi Walend (R) Endorses Rep. Rhodes

4.24.06 - Representative Russell Capps (R) Endorses Rep. Rhodes

4.18.06 - UNCCGOP Endorses John Rhodes - College Republicans Call To Re-Elect Rhodes

4.17.06 - Larry Gauvreau - CMS School Board District 1 - Endorses Rep. John Rhodes

4.17.06 - Hopewell High School Teenage Republicans (R) - Endorse Rep. Rhodes, Shunning Their Own PTA President (Rhodes' Opponent)

4.11.06 - Senator Fern Shubert (R) - Endorses Rep. Rhodes

4.10.06 - Commissioner Bill James (R) responds to a plea to reverse his endorsement for Rep. Rhodes

4.10.06 - Rep. Jim Gulley (R) - Mecklenburg Endorses Rep. Rhodes

4.10.06 - Rep. Doug Vinson (R) - Mecklenburg Endorses Rep. Rhodes

4.10.06 - Senator Eddie Goodall (R) - Mecklenburg-Union - Endorses Rep. Rhodes

4.6.06 - Bill James (R) - Mecklenburg County Commissioner - District 6 - Endorses Rep. John Rhodes

4.5.06 - Dan Bishop (R) - Mecklenburg County Commissioner - District 5 - Endorses Rep. John Rhodes

4.5.06 - Rhodes' Opponent's CMS Remarks Haunt His Candidacy: 1st in a Series on the CMS debacle

4.5.06 - Rep. Rhodes Calls For Constitutional Amendment To End Eminent Domain Abuse

4.5.06 - Rep. John Rhodes Campaigns For Tighter Controls On Official Documents

4.5.06 - Why Does Rhodes' Opponent Ignore Illegal Immigration?

4.5.06 - Rep. Rhodes Issues Challenge For His Opponent To Back The Rhodes Taxpayer Bill of Rights

4.5.06 - Rep. Rhodes Calls For His Opponent To Sign The NO TAX Pledge

4.5.06 - A Supporter Of Rhodes' Opponent Threatens Tax Increase If Citizens Re-Elect Rhodes: Prompts Probe In Raleigh

4.5.06 - U.S. Congresswoman Sue Myrick Endorses Rhodes

4.5.06 - Article Referencing Rhodes' Opponent Reveals A Tax and Spend Mentality

4.5.06 - Rep. John Rhodes Again Challenges His Opponent To Respond

4.4.06 - Rep. John Rhodes Calls for Speaker Black and Speaker Pro tem Morgan to Resign: Challenges His Opponent to Join in Call


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