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30 Year veteran of agency/corporate marketing brings experience in two dozen industries to bear on your direct B2B, B2C, target market needs. Total marketing packages conceived, created and produced. Provide top-level creative direction in original strategy and concept development for multiple industrial categories for B2B, B2C marketing, sales support and advertising. Consult CEOs/owners on manufacturing and service needs. Portfolios available for review. MARKETING DEVELOPMENT:__Created and fulfilled market strategies by planning more effective product/service development, introduction, competitive advertising on budget and retention of existing clients/consumers._Analyzed and improved client sales, merchandising processes, national chain placement and lowered developmental costs. Wrote and executed marketing, business and operational plans. Designed innovative incentive/premium programs increasing client income.CREATIVE DIRECTION:__Wrote, designed and produced client materials in two dozen industrial categories - packaging, logotype, corporate identity, brand


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1.Advertising Campaigns:

a) Are a waste of money.

b) Accomplish nothing tangible.

c) Leave us emotionally drained.

d) Get no response.

e) All of the above.