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4.5.06 - Article Referencing His Opponent Reveals Rhodes' Opponent's Tax and Spend Mentality

North Mecklenburg, NC. - Representative John Rhodes went on the offensive against his opponent today issuing the following statement:

"The taxpayers and families of this district have to ask themselves a question. Who do you want representing your interests in Raleigh? A proven conservative fighter like myself, who will not shy from doing what is right, even if it is not expedient? Who will speak his mind clearly in plain language and not use rhetoric to state the obvious? Or do you want another beads and trinkets bearer like my opponent who wants to bring pork projects back to his adopted home town?

"In the Mountain Island Newsletter the writer makes it very clear they want a representative like my opponent to raise taxes and create more wasteful spending, and I quote to 'bring home the bacon, to cite a popular cliche,'. They actually admit in this article that my opponent's conservative views should and will take a back seat to getting more money for the district.

"We don't need to be soliciting more money for any district in this state. We need to cap spending and reorder our priorities in this state. We do not have an income problem in North Carolina, we have a priority of spending crisis. When are my opponent and the other local councilmembers going to see they cannot make demands for more money and achieve their goals of limiting spending? They are contradictory.

"This is exactly how I would expect someone from Washington, D.C. like my opponent to act. I am fourth generation North Carolinian and have shown a respect for the people born here and those who have come from the North fleeing the incredible tax burdens liberal spenders imposed on them.

"They came to North Carolina to join our family and become part of a greater whole. We all recognize that the one major roadblock to progress in this state is our corrupt leadership.

"How come my opponent can't simply admit that I was right all along? There is no shame in being wrong. Only in refusing to see that perhaps my 'ineffectiveness' as he called my efforts to remove corruption, was truly more effective than he wants to admit. Usually when someone succeeds in helping you, as I have in the case of forcing corrupt leaders from office, one would say 'thank you'.

"Instead, my opponent wants to ignore the facts, ignore the history of my efforts and dismiss the importance of what has been accomplished when it is truly key to reforming our state.

"Once we remove from office those individuals responsible for raiding our state Treasury, we can restore the public's faith and confidence in new leaders. I am proud to have started the ball rolling and now eagerly wait a response from my opponent, Mr. 'beads and trinkets'.

"I ask my opponent, whose leadership do you follow? Disgraced officials like Jim Black and Richard Morgan, or mine? The voters of this district deserve a straight answer."


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