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4.5.06 - Rep. Rhodes Issues Challenge For His Opponent To Back The Rhodes Taxpayer Bill of Rights

North Mecklenburg, NC. - Representative John Rhodes asked his opponent in the upcoming, May 2nd, Republican primary to clearly state his intentions regarding the important issue of state tax policy.

Rhodes issued the following statement:

"We have seen the effects of unbridled spending and a lack of taxpayer and family control over the state budget. It is time they had their voice by enacting a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. I have already proposed the legislation which guarantees to limit government spending to the rate of inflation plus population growth -- forcing government to live within its means, while continuing to fund our priorities like education and roads."

"My opponent talks a good game about his desire to improve the roads of our district. Here is his chance to align himself with something which accomplishes just that. By design it eliminates wasteful spending and gives you, the voters, control over any tax raise. There would be more money for vital services and needs for the entire state. One thing that would disappear from the budget are the pork projects given as rewards.

"The Taxpayers' Bill of Rights will also allow us to save for future emergencies, cut taxes, and keep state spending under control. Enacted in Colorado in 1992, TABOR has proven to be the most effective tax and spending limit in constraining the growth of government.

"Colorado's track record is enlightening, amusing and downright encouraging. When passed there, Governor Roy Romer (D) immediately placed a measure on the ballot calling for a sales tax increase earmarked for increased spending for education K-12. Citizens defeated that ballot measure by a wide margin. When TABOR started generating surplus revenues (contrary to what opponents of TABOR warned)) that were rebated to citizens, politicians placed another measure on the ballot to spend surplus revenue on a variety of state projects. Citizens again voted no.

"North Carolina, too, could have an annual SURPLUS returned to taxpayers due to better money management.

"I challenge my opponent, Mr. 'beads and trinkets', to come forward with the plan he keeps touting if he won't support the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. It seems simple enough. Either he is a true conservative and will back TABOR as I introduced it or he has an alternative plan to introduce to us.

"I eagerly await the publication of his detailed plan, as do the taxpayers and families of my district."

Republican primary voters may vote on May 2nd, 2006 at their local precinct for Representative John W. Rhodes.


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