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4.5.06 - Why Does My Opponent Ignore Illegal Immigration?

North Mecklenburg, NC. - Representative John Rhodes called upon his opponent to explain why he is focusing solely on getting funds from Raleigh for local pork projects and ignoring vital issues. In the Mountain Island News, in the Race To Watch article, the editor makes it clear that my opponent wants to bring home more bacon.

Rhodes released this statement:

"While our state faces difficult challenges that have national significance, my opponent has expressed a desire to bring home more dollars to his local town out of an already bloated budget. I have stated many times, North Carolina has a priority of spending crisis. As my opponent focuses on local issues designed to raise taxes or increase spending, I work on important issues like illegal immigration. Besides, my opponent seems preoccupied for getting tax dollars just for the town of Cornelius. I hope he realizes this job is about improving our state, not lining one's own nest. And there are many other important issues...

"During debate over the Scott Gardner amendment in the U.S. Congress, another local illegal immigrant was stopped this past weekend while driving the wrong way on a road in Monroe. This man has PREVIOUS DUI convictions. So here is a man in our state, who is in this country illegally, breaks a law that threatens everyone's life, and is allowed to go free and do it again!

"I continually address homeland security issues that challenge North Carolina today. I introduced legislation calling for an end to obtaining an official driver's license by using handmade business letterhead. Unbelievably, our corrupt House leadership, attacked me for introducing the law along with Representative John Blust. That shows the depth to which corrupt leaders will sink. They place us all in harm's way. Working with my colleagues we are bringing pressure to bear, we will see their removal soon and we will get the needed security laws passed.

"Finally, House Speaker Jim Black was referred for criminal prosecution for misuse of public funds. I am proud to have led the call, exposing his and Richard Morgan's abuses. Once these corrupt influences are removed from our state house then perhaps we can get down to the business of properly protecting our citizens.

"The security bill I introduced for adoption into law will remove loopholes that allow terrorists and others from obtaining legal identification. It is crucial.

"It is disheartening that my opponent in this primary, does not even recognize the significance of this issue. He has not made one comment about problems with illegal immigration on his website, in his printed materials or in his public comments to the media.

"My opponent, Mr. 'Beads and trinkets', seems more concerned with getting pork project dollars for the local town councils and doesn't seem to be aware that there is a very serious threat facing this nation, including most notably North Carolina with our 300,000 illegal immigrants.

"If we can't control the distribution of legal documents then their validity and effectiveness is called into question. The fabric of our state, taxpayers and families, have to shoulder yet another burden, while my opponent has nothing to say about illegal immigration, homeland security or many other serious matters.

"If he isn't aware of the issues then why is he even running for office? I challenge 'beads and trinkets' to tell us what he would do about this problem. I have accepted dates for several upcoming debates. My opponent states in his materials, 'he has a plan'. I have lengthy, definite, proposed legislation in place supported by national efforts. Where is my opponent's alleged plan?"


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