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4.4.06 - Rep. John Rhodes Calls for Speaker Black and Speaker Pro tem Morgan to Resign: Challenges His Opponent to Join in Call

North Mecklenburg, NC. - Today, Representative John Rhodes renewed his one-year old call for the resignations of Speaker of the House Jim Black and the Speaker Pro tem Richard Morgan. "It's time for the Speaker and his team to resign from their leadership positions in the North Carolina House." Rhodes also challenged his primary opponent to join him in this call.

District 98 Representative Rhodes issued the following statement:

"For the past year, Speaker Black has been beset with revelations of unethical and potentially illegal conduct. The State Board of Elections has referred the Speaker to the Wake County District Attorney for a full fledged criminal investigation. As the Charlotte Observer has pointed out, it is time for the Speaker to resign his leadership position. As part of Mr. Black's administration, Speaker Pro tem Richard Morgan should also resign so the members of the House can elect a new team to the lead the Chamber in the upcoming session.

"From secret slush funds, to patronage payoffs, to legislative deals for special interests, to campaign finance violations, to state and federal investigations; it's now clear that Speaker Black is at the center of a culture of corruption that threatens the very integrity of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Members of the Speaker's own Party are starting to call for action and it's time for all members of the House to be heard on this on this issue.

"Today, I also challenge my opponent, to publicly join me in calling for Speaker Black's and Speaker Pro Tem Morgan's resignations. It's time to see if my opponent has the courage to stand up and be counted. We must begin the work of restoring the public's trust and confidence in the integrity of the House and its leadership, and I hope my opponent will demonstrate his conservative colors and join my leadership in this call.

"The people of North Carolina deserve honest, open and transparent government. The public deserves to know where the candidates stand. This will be a defining issue in the election; whether leaders have the courage to stand on principle and represent the people or whether they simply want to go to Raleigh to play the political game, bring home pork projects and feather their own nest."

"I say Mr. Black must go, as do the editorial boards of most the newspapers in this state and now members of their own party. Mr. Morgan has been kicked out of his own party for his collusion in this matter. The issue is crystal clear. I am proud to have exposed their corruption and started this process towards a better future. Originally, my opponent called my efforts 'ineffective'. Is he ready to admit that the legislative process itself requires such change? The only question remaining that I have is 'Who do you stand with?' Myself or Mr. Black and Mr. Morgan?"


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