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4.24.06 - Representative Trudi Walend (R) - Endorses Rep. Rhodes

North Mecklenburg, NC. - Today, State Representative Trudi Walend (R) - Henderson, Polk, Transylvania Counties, joined many other important state officials and gave John Rhodes her endorsement:

"Dear Republican Primary Voter:

"In Representative Rhodes I find a kindred spirit that understands what is truly important to taxpayers and families. He does not focus purely on his district, although they greatly benefit from his efforts. In dismantling the corruption that plagues the legislative process, Rep. Rhodes has confronted those who have the power to single-handedly defeat positive legislation.

"Previously, the House Speaker had the authority to block reform, keep raising taxes, expand the role of government unchecked and create a budgetary nightmare or exploding costs. At Rep. John Rhodes' instigation, with the most recent audits released, and many more to follow, we are seeing the old power structures disintegrate. Instead of running roughshod over what families need and want, the corrupt officials are being referred for prosecution or in some cases they are already in jail.

"As we move forward, I can envision a brighter future where money we set aside for road construction, for example, actually gets used for that purpose. Instead of the NCDOT having to delay projects, the legislature can make sure their funding is not drained for other purposes, like teapot museums. This pork project mentioned, sadly, made the top of the national lists of all time ridiculous expenditures by government. It has come to symbolize everything wrong with the budget process today. Rep. Rhodes has confronted the leadership and by his will, with media oversight, has been able to force detailed listing within the budget of such frivolous expenses.

"When we as a state decide to keep road funding in place, and improve schools, we will surely be able to do so more effectively and with greater results thanks to the conservative leadership of Representative Rhodes.

"If you believe as I do in true reform, securing a Taxpayer Bill of Rights and funding our essential services first, then you should vote for John W. Rhodes in the Republican primary this May 2nd."

Representative Trudi Walend (R) - Henderson, Polk, Transylvania Counties

Rhodes thanked Representative Walend in the following statement:

"I would like to thank Representative Walend for expressing what we all should understand. Every time we agree to make deals of any kind on other projects or cede our vote to others, we endanger our ability to meet expectations and needs for our whole state. We have to stop creating a welfare state and put the money we have where it was intended, to build roads, to improve education, to fund those most essential items that taxpayers and families deserve. We cannot continue to think in terms of bringing home buckets of money. Ultimately that money costs the taxpayers and families of this district dearly."

U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick (R) among other Republican officials offered her official endorsement this month.

Republican primary voters may vote on May 2nd, 2006 at their local precinct for Representative John W. Rhodes.


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