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4.18.06 - UNCCGOP Endorses John Rhodes - College Republicans Call To Re-Elect Rhodes

Charlotte, NC - The UNC Charlotte chapter of the College Republicans is dedicated to advancing the principles of ethics, limited government, and liberty. Sadly, very few people granted the privilege of elected office continue to tout these principles once elected. Representative John Rhodes is an individual who has remained a champion for such principles, even after the passing of elections, and he stands boldly by them.

The UNC Charlotte College Republicans happily announce our official endorsement of Representative John Rhodes for his re-election bid. It is our hope that the good citizens of House District 98 will send Representative Rhodes back to Raleigh to fight for the people of North Carolina. An uncommon find in a county, city and state replete with Republicans who have abandoned all vestments of conservatism, and liberals who would not know fiscal responsibility if it broadsided them, Rhodes has developed a reputation for standing firm for his principles. He is a man engrained with personal integrity, and encourages all those he encounters to exercise that increasingly-lacking value.

Rhodes automatically votes "No" to any and every tax increase. He votes in favor of traditional family values and legislation limiting the role of the government. He led the call for the deconsolidation of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

John Rhodes has led the effort to expose corruption in the General Assembly, and his efforts have lead to the State Board of Elections' investigation of Speaker Jim Black. Over one year ago, he began the call for Speaker Black and Speaker Pro Tem Morgan. Staging one-man picket protests outside Jim Black's district office, Rhodes often draws a crowd with his truthful, piercing rhetoric.

Representative Rhodes can count on the support of the UNC Charlotte College Republicans. We hope God will bless and guide the Rhodes campaign on to victory.

Representative Rhodes offered his thanks to the group in the following statement:

"Thank you for hosting me on the UNCC campus for 'John Rhodes Day'. Our meeting was enlightening and encouraging. Conservativism has never been under attack more than on our college campuses, so I am especially impressed with your groups' willingness to step forward and join the good fight.

"I will always make time for constituents and hope that with your support we can continue working in Raleigh for ethical government process, ultimately leading to less wasteful spending and lower taxes for all citizens."

Republican primary voters may vote on May 2nd, 2006 at their local precinct for Representative John W. Rhodes.


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