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4.17.06 - Hopewell High School Teenage Republicans Endorse Rep. Rhodes, Shunning Their PTA President

North Mecklenburg, N.C. - Today, the Hopewell High School Teenage Republicans joined the growing list of fellow Republicans giving Rep. John Rhodes (R) Mecklenburg their official endorsement, issuing the following statement:

"Dear Republican Primary Voter;

"While traditionally neutral in primary elections, the Teenage Republicans of Hopewell High School have officially endorsed Rep. John Rhodes in his re-election campaign for his District 98 seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives. What makes this especially groundbreaking is the fact that his opponent is our PTA President, whom we've all come to know first hand. We have little confidence his opponent can serve our district with the same distinction and courage as Rep. John Rhodes.

"While there may come a time when his opponent's compromising platform could be effective, with the General Assembly in its current state of corruption and disarray, District 98 needs strong, unwavering, conservative leadership. For two terms now, Representative Rhodes has been a crusader. He has relentlessly fought against higher taxes, befuddling government bureaucracy, and corruption. He was the first to call for Speaker Jim Black's resignation, the first to endorse deconsolidation, and will always be the first to support lower taxes and your rights.

"A vote for Representative John Rhodes is vote for better government, better schools, and a better tomorrow.

"So long as he continues to fight for the constituents of District 98, Hopewell Teenage Republicans will continue to fight for Representative John Rhodes."

Just a day after Rhodes' opponent claimed invisible support from the high school community where he serves, instead, the actual endorsement from the student organization has come down squarely in favor of Representative John Rhodes.

Representative Rhodes offered his thanks to the group in the following statement:

"I am heartened by the active involvement of our high school students in the most pressing issues of the day. They are a constant source of inspiration and the reason I fight so hard. I believe in them, their future, and the promise they hold. Therefore, I will never waver in my support for the rights of parents in this district to decide issues like deconsolidation for themselves.

"I never stop listening to the taxpayers and families of my district and it is them that I represent first, period. It is important that voters know what they are getting. With John Rhodes you have a Representative who always listens and is willing to act on their ideas."

Republican primary voters may vote on May 2nd, 2006 at their local precinct for Representative John W. Rhodes.


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